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Trapped inside the fracture
where a gilded spectrum spills through,
The shackled reach to perceive
more than a portion of the piece,
A superficial layer, an echo from a standing wave—
Bellowing toward the light source,
Casting shadow puppets
onto the walls of Plato’s cave.
And in the belly of the whale,
Canaries push into the mine
Neurotic, kissed with knowledge
of their looming finite time.
These extant silhouettes
and the boundless oceans
peering through them—
Digested by the maelstrom
of what it means to be a human.
Shadows sink between the humble,
the pompous and the clueless—
But drowning in that darkness,
There are so many lumens.
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Sleepwalker by rpgreligion Sleepwalker :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 1 0
Chrysalis (revised)
Folded on each trepid crease,
pins and needles rouse
my bound and fetal limbs
to alleviate contorted ambition
with a circulatory promise:
The growing pains shall always ache,
but in passing time will culminate
to transmute these chains to progress.  
The ground shakes underneath this revelation
and a fissure snakes down the calcified shell
I have long shied to break from.  
Myriad intention transcends all skin and bone.
A memory is bestowed for each experience—
feathers sewn by the sought for dream.
Struggling to escape the restraints of this exterior,
I outstretch my limbs from atrophy
and turn to solute inside the bloodstream.
Focused effort will revitalize me—
but not with knees drawn against my chest.
To soothe the bite of habit, I strain
and crawl across the border line,
smiling back at variability
grinning from the face of the undefined—
unveiling what I need
and pressing onward.
This mosaic set to motion
will withstand the test of time,
set free from
:iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 2 1
By weathered stone and bated breath,
the rippling tides across the water.
I watch my reflection alter with the wrinkling of every wave;
The stitched together time here
undulates until it’s threadbare—
a thrall to reminiscence,
I am the one who left the cave.  
Returned to the shackles,
I know that nothing can be the same.
I give my trust back to shadows—
And I hear one call my name.  
“Leave again and look again.
Lose your voice and listen.”
Obliging, I cast my eyes back down on the water,
and startle as the vain turns varicose.  
The color leaves me as my old self chokes;
Words won’t come but I find comfort
as the ocean smiles a perfect shade of indigo.  
“Despair not, my sweet,
take my hand and have the profane hallowed.
Hear my song and let me lead you
to a place beyond these shallows.”
It’s wine that’s in the water,
so I fill the chalice just before I feel the blade.  
I release the breath that’s bated
And watch the
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Cyclical, the brisk winds come,
rising up again to shift
Two hemispheres in flux.
The shades all change
just as night gains ground on day,
And I brood over the clock that’s set
to short-lived brilliance.
The suspended leaves are torn from stem
by winds of warmth that could have been;
But death and leaves, and the future seed
are carried by the current.
Falling from the trees,
taciturn and humbly;
By what right of mine
can I bellow and be presumptuous?  
Brilliance is short-lived
when the reins are gripped by balance.
But even shadowed by the mountains,
the valleys can be boundless
And as high as any apex.
Wait and bide my time, or strive to realign;
I am just as capable
As the seasons are alive.
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Leah Staff by rpgreligion Leah Staff :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 0 0 TJ Eating/Breathing by rpgreligion TJ Eating/Breathing :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 0 0 Kay by rpgreligion Kay :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 0 0 Me Breathing/Poi by rpgreligion Me Breathing/Poi :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 0 0 Workingashton by rpgreligion Workingashton :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 0 0
Suffering up on the sun,
shining down on the grand scheme of things:
Sun dweller, tell me,
why we waste our time
digging for the spine in our belief.
And why are we born blind
to original intention,
and to what gives dimension to this relief?  
Why are the kind and righteous
stung by the unbothered bee,
or bit by something else?
And why am I too willing to scorch my retinas
staring at the sun
to try and save myself?
Of all the eyes that have wandered skyward,
seldom they have sought for me.
There are none that will yield all answers
and therefore I cannot quell this desperate plea—
I can only give my guidance.
Spare yourself from squandered time
or you will merely pine while you idle,
as you ravenously search in vain
to identify some provider.
Swallow sure uncertainty—
and relish in the gift.  
Perhaps you are born without sight,
but deprivation opens eyes,
enabling a life to decipher,
to remember on your own,
and sometimes a bee stings as a reminder
that you are not alo
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Buckling under and breathing heavy,
a submissive blush warms against the pallor of the once impervious
who concede to sly tongues and goliathan fists,
whittled away from the core of their courage,
and caught under the spell of empty promises;
unwilling to resist the complacence of aphasia.  
We stand trembling,
mute, and choosing of paralysis,
too afraid to change the way
we play our hand with its muscles tiring.
We quiver beneath
the whole world’s weight.
This card was dealt by those conspiring
to consume it all and digest the dying
into the power for which they salivate.  
To have made it this far,
we’re much too clever
to have nothing up our sleeves
that will wipe away their drooling grins
and rectify the insidious agenda.
We have to let the fire breathe
to channel our saving grace
through the thirst of rightful anger,
to burn away the underbrush,
and shine a light upon the stranger
who can mutualize the effort
and catalyze our coloration.
But we’re too busy weepin
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Folded on each trepid crease,
pins and needles rouse my bound and fetal limbs
to alleviate contorted ambition with a circulatory promise
that the growing pains shall always ache,
but eventually will culminate
to transmute these chains to progress.  
The ground shakes underneath this revelation
and a fissure snakes down the calcified shell
that I have long shied to break from.  
A myriad of intention transcends all skin and bone
and a memory is bestowed for each experience,
a feather sewn by the sought for dream.
Struggling to escape the restraints of this exterior
I outstretch my limbs from atrophy
and turn to solute inside the bloodstream.
Focused effort will revitalize me,
but not with knees drawn up against my chest.
So to soothe the bite of habit,
I strain and crawl across the border line,
smiling back at variability
that grins from the face of the undefined,
unveiling what I need
and pressing onward.
The mosaic set to motion
withstands the test of time
set free from strife and str
:iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 2 0
Settling Into The Sun: An Abandonment
     Swinging from the cusp of collectively abandoning our young, purpose starved, and fooled by the gambit, we grope in the darkness for a light, a sign, or for an exit.  We gleam as we find all three in a single entity hung above an unhinged door frame, lucidly beckoning us, awash and unbridling in seductive neon – or is it as red as the blood of us and all our children?

   Alarm Will Sound
     We ponder over this and other peculiarities as we swing to the doomsday cadence, pulling and pushing our own strings to gain momentum, reanimating the stasis of so many thoughtless puppets.  With eyes intent upon the exit door, we wonder if it's right, and if it isn't – if it even matters.  Neither here nor there can digest our tainted histories, so either way we burn, and that cold realization brings up every anticipative butterfly.
:iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 0 0
The Valley
Through the looking glass,
the light refracts,
making a menagerie of all perspectives.
From forgotten dreams
and their shadows cast,
the still concedes as the past retracts,
to allow the wind to rush from will's direction,
and I sway.
Peering down on possibility
from where the fevered fight the urge
to romanticize and fall for
every unturned stone,
I stumble on the edge
of the crevice where I perch,
unable to shake the notion
that I have imposed upon
the surface of the Earth—
still I plant my feet, loosening the rock,
until I give in to the gust
and come careening down this paradox.
Choice bears such little weight
in a world that gets its way.
Belittled by both pride and chance,
and fallen victim to the fickle hand of circumstance,
I plead and chase the echo
to dissuade my fate in vain,
and find myself once more
strewn out on the plain,
unsure of whether I should count
my bruises or my blessings.
One with the sick and thirsty,
who crawl in circles round the well,
I fail to attain the f
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Mature content
Indomitable :iconrpgreligion:rpgreligion 2 0


Maybe's Excerpt by The-Reclusive-Rabbit
Mature content
Maybe's Excerpt :iconthe-reclusive-rabbit:The-Reclusive-Rabbit 4 0
Suicune Raikou Entei - Wallpaper by JoJoesArt Suicune Raikou Entei - Wallpaper :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 9,170 437 -Crossroads of life- by Janek-Sedlar -Crossroads of life- :iconjanek-sedlar:Janek-Sedlar 3,050 215 Industrial Sunrise by WojciechDziadosz Industrial Sunrise :iconwojciechdziadosz:WojciechDziadosz 3,673 295 The Hunt by KENBARTHELMEY The Hunt :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 9,117 507
The days seemed like weeks
becoming summer time months
feeling like an era.
Your the only thing
on my mind, unrestricted,
the entire time.
All tears and giggles
I know how this day will go,
paralyzing zeal.
A simple embrace
were we vow, never let go.
Perfect possession.
So here I shall sit
to replay the memories,
A lucid juncture
alone, as i wait.
and this compact metal pew
put myself on trial.
Your never on time,
I shouldn't have come early.
Im relapsing
on this discomfort.
No reason left for the disgust,
butterflies are gone.
Radiant still,
your mirage is all it takes,
Im waiting.
My body is numb
and my mind is exploring
in apprehension.
My heartbeat did fret.
Its moved into my psyche.
Lacerations of woe.
I am happy though
dwelling upon our last night.
I slept on your chest.
Perfect nirvana.
Your spirit sang me to sleep
and here I wait.
Time is creeping by
at least Im not desolate
I possess this chair.
it's disheartening.
No longer a comfort, sick,
of its p
:iconjeniaileen:jeniaileen 4 3
Dystopia by TwilightAmbiance Dystopia :icontwilightambiance:TwilightAmbiance 80 26
I'm Fine
I'm tired
of hearing "I'm fine"
your eyes tell no lie.
Its the body
& soul
they start to show through.
Day by day
it all builds up
leading to the rage,
we all know.
As I left
I thought,
& found.
You live in a cage.
In a dream
alone with everyone.
but then
I realized.
So am I.
The bars are different.
Still affective
closing in.
I thought I was awake
turns out
I'm not here,
this is not real.
Now I just want to wake up,
see the light,
feel the love.
But ask me
how are you?
and I'll reply,
"I'm fine".
:iconjeniaileen:jeniaileen 1 4
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